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Delivery in the beginning of January 2013
There are some puppies still available,
Contact us:, 00 46 301- 511444, 00 46 737 71 34 63


After Dubliner Mac Minmin and Pendoric Foggy Perfection.


 CIE NordW-09 EstW-10 LtW-11 WW-12
Pendoric Foggy Perfection
Setterlands Tamburello
At Pendoric
Aust,Am,Arg,Can,Ind,Braz Grd,
Pan Am, Mexican, Urg,Inter CH

Pendoric Perfect Thyming
Eireannmada Royal Ascot
Pendoric Fire Anythyme
AU GrandCH
Tullane Fiery Thyme
AU GrandCH
Pendoric Fire N Ice
Dubliner Mac Minmin Jonola Dr Doolittle
Lochfrae Ralph Lauren
Jonola Bellstar
Honeygardens Imitation
Asoftwind of the GoldenVale
Honeygardens Face the Destiny

CIE NordW-09 EstW-10 LtW-11, WW-12
Pendoric Foggy Perfection
f. 2008-03-02

Hips: A/A
Armbågar: 0/0
CLAD: Tested free
Ögonlyst: UA 2009-11-26
PRA (rcd4): Testad fri

Melvin is a great dog and we are so happy that Mattias and Jessica believe in this combination just like we do. Melvin is an Import from Australia, from Kennel Pendoric, read more about kennel Pendoric »

He has had great success at the shows, he is only four years old and already International Champion. He  has a strong integrity and is stubborn, but in the end he goes along with almost everything . He is a very positive and happy dog. Today he lives with Jessica and Mattias in Huddinge and is a beloved show dog but also a beloved familymember!

Melvins homepage»


Dubliner Mac Minmin

f. 2008-05-14
Hips: A/A
 Clad: NN
PRA(rcd4) Tested carrier

Paloma is the dog you get once in a lifetime. She's beautiful as a dream, sweet as sugar and demands my attention every second. She is the responsive dog I've had and she always wants to be near me. She has everything I want in a setters temperament, one can not get a better dog. She has been successfull in the show ring, including several CK, reserve-CACIB and best bitch. She also won Best in Show at the ISF. As a puppy, she was BOB both days at My Dog in Gothenburg. She has got this results  despite the fact that we took a break for two years!

Palomas page»

Both parents are highly qualified and well built, nice temperament, and they are lovely healthy individuals.
The pups will be completely outbred. We really believe in this combination.

There are some puppies still available, Contact us:, 00 46 301- 511444, 00 46 737 71 34 63




B: 2010-04-28
4 bitches + 4 males
u:Dubliner Marzipan (Samba), Hd-A, NN
e:Dubliner Mac Mio (Mio), Hd-B, NN
Reg nummer Stamtavlenamn Smeknamn Kön HD Övrigt
SE38276/2010 Min-Min Light Wolverine
"Logan" Male   FOTOALBUM»  New!
SE38277/2010 Min-Min Light Magneto


Male   FOTOALBUM»   New!
SE38278/2010 Min-Min Light Cyclops
"Paco" Male   FOTOALBUM»  New!

Min-Min Light Nightcrawler


Male   FOTOALBUM»  New!


Min-Min Light Polaris


Bitch   FOTOALBUM»  New!

Min-Min Light Nocturne


Bitch   FOTOALBUM»  New!


Min-Min Light Mystique

"Tequila" Bitch   FOTOALBUM»  New!
SE38283/2010 Min-Min Light Phoenix
"Lillis" Bitch   FOTOALBUM»  New!

Born 2005-02-17
9 males + 3 Bitches
e. Asoftwind of the Golden Vale b 2001-01-01 HD-A, NN
u. Dubliner Irrisistible b 2001-05-28 HD-B , NN


H Min-Min Light Kipling "Harry" -Photo»
H Min-Min Light Zola  "Atlas" -Photo»
H Min-Min Light Hemingway "Eddie"  
H Min-Min Light Oscar-Wilde "Lipton" -Photo»
H Min-Min Light Ibsen  "Bonus"  
H Min-Min Light Mark-Twain "Amigo" -Photo»
H Min-Min Light Shakespeare  "Axl" -Photo»
H Min-Min Light Moliére  "Bobby"  
H Min-Min Light Ts-Eliot "Eliot" -Photo»
T Min-Min Light Jane-Austen "Arja" -Photo»
T Min-Min Light Elsa-Beskow "Chiquita" -Photo»


Min-Min Light Colette