Breeder of Irish Red Setter




In Memoriam


Highland Flower Superstar
B 1997-01-01      † 2011-01-04
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Dubliner Irrisistible
b 2001-05-28      † 2007-08-21
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b 1981- † 1994

Fuego loved all living things, hedgehogs as well as humans. He was so sweet to everyone. Thank you for being my best childhood friend. You are in my thoughts all the time, I miss your cold nose every single day!


Discovery´s Made it Again
b 1990- † 1997

Nena was the craziest dog I've ever met in my entire life. She responded to the name "madcap". Whenever she got herself into a tricky situation, she expected me to come to the rescue. An operation put an end to her short life. I miss you and your incredible joyfulness every day.