Breeder of Irish Red Setter




About Us

Our first setter, "Fuego", came to the family 1981 and he and I grew up together. He's the reason that there is no other breed for me than the Irish Red Setter. When Fuego became older, my family bought Discovery made it Again "Nena". Sadly, I lost her far too soon, she was only 6 years old. At that time I bought Highland Flowers Superstar, "Rico". Not only has he given me many lovely years, but he also gave me the idea and inspiration to start with breeding. I already knew what kind of setter I wanted, a calm and stable mentality, whitch I thought was missing in the breed. In the year 2001 Dubliner Irrisistible "Bonita" came to us, and in 2005 she became the mother of twelve lovely puppies. Right after this litter, I got my kennel name, Min-Min Light.

In 2008 my mother, (Maria) became official co-owner of Min-Min Light. We share all the dogs, and it is with my mother that Chiquita lives. So it felt like a natural thing to do, to make her an official partner.


My breeding is of small scale, this to be able to follow the puppies alltrough their lives.The puppies grow up in a home enviroment and they live with us in the family. We don't deliver the puppies until they are 9 weeks old, this to allow them to be with their mother for as long as possible. The mentality is very important to me, I want to breed dogs who are sweet naturerd and who like to work. The dogs also have to be fearless and mentally stable. When it comes to the exterior, I prefer a substantial dog yet elegant in build, with good hindquarters, a lot of fur, good movements and a lot of grace.