Breeder of Irish Red Setter




Dubliner Mac Minmin
f. 2008-05-14
HD: A/A, Clad: NN


Paloma  is a lovely little girl, with a really nice temper, stubborn but not impossible to handle. She’s a bundle of energy, and she’s a fearless puppy with a great deal of willpower. She has the ability to relax and she’s very keen to please, which I believe is a very important quality in our setters. I love the temper she has, and we hope that she will become as sympathetic as her mother Mazarin (Honeygarden Imitation). Mazarin is one of the nicest bitch I’ve ever met. We also hope she’ll take after her father, Dooley (Jonola Dr Dolittle) whom I think is a very nice dog. I fell for him on Crufts ’08, he seems to be a positive, happy and calm dog, as well as a very beautiful dog. We are so happy to own this little “pigeon” and we are looking forward to a future with her!


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