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Min-Min Light Elsa Beskow
f 2005-02-17
Chiquita is a very elegant bitch with a fabolous temper. She can relax everywere she goes. She's a ragamuffin though, if she isn't chewing on our bed, she's nibbling on a shoe. You always have to pay attention when she's around. In spite of all this rowdy behaviour she's the dog who falls asleep at the tram, who's not afraid of gunshots and whom it's impossible wake up if she feels like sleeping. Thus, she's a truly relaxed dog, which I beleive is a very important quality in a dog. We are extreamely pleased with the appearance of Chiquita with her long back, good hindquarters and lovely head and expression. In addition, she's also got great moves. Over all, we are very satisfied with who she has become.

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